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Founded in 1954, CIRWF celebrates over half a century of service to Ventura County communities in the heart of the county seat in nearby San Buenaventura. Some people proclaim the breathtaking Channel Islands as the American Galapagos with species found here that don’t exist elsewhere in the world. - Like our setting, CIRWF too is priceless.

Channel Islands Republican Women Federated (CIRWF) provides an avenue of political involvement for women who share the Republican philosophy and values. Together, women of all ages provide the foundation and support for fellow citizens and residents to learn about and engage in our civic life. Members flourish in innovative political discussions and experience first-hand what a self-governing means in a Constitutional Republic.

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our mission

Our mission is to educate others about our Republican values, register voters, install patriotism and a sense of civic duty, support our brave military, cherish our veterans, revere our our law enforcement and those who serve and help elect conservative Republicans at the local, state and national level.

Executive Board

President: Cathie Moreno

2nd VP Membership: Lauren Burns and Helen Gunderson

Treasurer: Kaleigh Komatsu

Recording Secretary: Judy Cook

Member-At-Large: Ellen Oppenheimer

Parliamentarian: Joyce Sihler / Deborah Baber

Hospitality Chair: Adry Ezcurra

Corresponding Secretary: Barbara Coulter

Immediate Past President: Joan Lopez

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